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What service is right for me?

System maintenance program



What service is right for me?

Our goal at TRETEKSYSTEMS is to be an end-to-end provider of Information Technology products and services to the small and medium business markets in the greater Baltimore and surrounding areas. Our customers rely on us, a single stop resource, for all their high technology needs, delivering nothing less than 100% total customer satisfaction.

TRETEKSYSTEMS has five core relationship models to choose from, See below. Each service is geared to a specific segment of the small and medium business market, as represented by our suggestions below. So you can get to know us a little better, we have also described our services in more detail. Combine the services that fit your needs, and then contact us to find out how to get started!



Time & Materials

Time & Materials provides you hourly support when you need it, without any contracts or commitments. This service is useful for residential clients, small office/ home office, or other clients that only require incidental or infrequent support.


Block Time

This service gives you the same great benefits of a time and materials relationship with discounts for support purchased in advance. Block time is useful for residential clients, small office/home office, and small business clients that prefer a relationship where services are billed hourly, but have a need for continued or frequent service.


System Maintenance

Get unlimited priority support and parts replacement when and where you need it, all at one fixed price per month. System Maintenance is useful for small and medium business clients that wish to save on their IT costs and clients that wish to have unlimited reliable and professional support all at one fixed price per month.


Help Desk

Help Desk services give you access to dedicated toll-free telephone support provided by a team of technicians available to service the telephone support needs of your enterprise. These services are useful for small and medium business clients that require a dedicated support telephone line and first point of contact for end user support, management of open trouble issues, and dispatching of onsite service when necessary.



Get staffed personnel, backed by the cumulative abilities of an entire IT services firm that provide reliable scheduled full or part-time onsite support presence at your organization. Outsourcing is useful for companies that require a support technician to provide dedicated onsite support on a regular part time or full time basis. TRETEKSYSTEMS services for Third Party Maintenance (TPM) companies and resellers


Third Party Maintenance (TPM) companies

TRETEKSYSTEMS is the premier provider of TPM services in the Maryland area, providing quality representation to national onsite service providers when they don't have local coverage.


System maintenance program

Do you ever find that paying for your technology support gets expensive?

Have you ever been concerned about the unpredictable costs associated with supporting your IT when there's something that needs to be fixed?

Are you concerned about the significant costs associated with a major system failure?

Do you need someone to respond quickly if your system goes down?

Do you want a technology company that plans ahead for your needs, one that has a vested interest in the functionality of your technology, or one that truly has your best interest in mind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TRETEKSYSTEMS has the solution for you! To answer this need, TRETEKSYSTEMS offers its flagship product, the System Maintenance Agreement, a truly unique service in the Information Technology industry. The system maintenance agreement is tailored to our clients in the small and medium business market that are either not large enough to hire their own manager of information systems (MIS) or have an MIS that needs assistance in supporting their IT.

What if you could pay the same amount each month for all of your technology support? TRETEKSYSTEMS prices System Maintenance Agreements based upon the amount of computers in your office, and, when available, prior experience. Our goal is to cost our clients 50% of what their charges would have been had they not been covered under a System Maintenance Agreement.

The System Maintenance Agreement allows you to manage your technology costs in a way that is both easy to understand and easy to budget. It affords you unlimited support and parts replacement for one fixed price per month. Prices are locked in, so you know exactly what your cost for support will be. Plus, by combining all of our services into one support agreement, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive services plan that covers both reactive and proactive services for a reasonable, recurring monthly charge.

Finally, you don't have to worry about the hourly rate hanging over your head, you can have proactive support instead of reactive by working with a company that actually has a vested interest in making certain that your network is working properly, your staff can call for technology support whenever they need it without having to worry about the cost of a service call, and much more.

Save money.

Get support when you need it.

Call us today to get started!

Custom Help Desk Solutions

  • Does someone inside your company currently maintain themselves as the first point of contact for all technology related issues?
  • Does this person frequently find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibility of maintaining a network?
  • What if this person had the time to manage your network, rather than just react to it?

TRETEKSYSTEMS has the answer to get you out of the trenches.  Join the group of satisfied TRETEKSYSTEMS clients that are benefiting from our help desk services. 

Contact TRETEKSYSTEMS today to get started!


Network services

  • Network consultant
  • network integrations and deployment services
  • Microsoft based network solutions consulting
  • Local and Wide area network design and implementation
  • ISP Services

    Microsoft application development and support

  • Exchange server planning, implementation and maintenance services
  • Multiple platform server configuration, deployment and maintenance support for Windows Server 2003

    Security solutions

  • Network Monitoring w/ Intrusion detection
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Adware/ Spyware Protection & Removal

    Storage and back-up solutions

  • Data storage and recovery services
  • Data Protection and redundancy

    Web implementation and consultant services

  • Web content management solutions
  • Web site design and hosting
  • Corporate intranet and extranets

    Wire and wireless LAN/ WAN infrastructure

  • Switches, routers and hubs
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